How To Play?


Welcome to MyWonderTeam, Cricket game of skill! This Cricket game is all about using your cricket knowledge and skill to create your MyWonderTeam within a range of 45 star - ratings. Your MyWonderTeam team earns points based on how your chosen cricketers perform in real-life matches. So remember, this is a strategy game based on selecting cricketers before a match begins. This Cricket game on MyWonderTeam is a game of skill, so brush up on your cricket knowledge and you�ll have a much better chance of winning!

How to Create "MyWonderTeam"

You can choose max 6 players from one side between two teams in a match.
You have to choose One Power Player from your team.*
Who will hit Maximum Sixes in the match?**
Which bowler will take highest wickets in the match?***

Player Type Min Max
Wicket-Keeper 1 1
Batsman 3 5
All-Rounder 1 4
Bowler 2 5

Manage Your "MyWonderTeam" players

- You can make unlimited changes to your team before the match deadline.
- You can also change your Wonder Player.
- You can also change your Power Player.
- Make sure you keep a tab on which of your players are playing and keep your team updated at all times to win more!
Note - In case of IPL Maximum 8 overseas player can be selected and Maximum of 4 from one team.

Points Systems
Here's how your team earns points.

Points Type T20 ODI Test
For every run scored 1 1 1
Wicket (excluding run-out) 10 12 8
Catch 5 5 5
Caught & Bowled 15 17 13
Stumping / Run-out(direct) 10 10 10
Run-out(Thrower/Catcher) 6/4 6/4 6/4
Dismissal for duck (batsmen, wicket-keeper and all-rounders) -2 -3 -5

Bonus Points

Points Type T20 ODI Test
Every Boundary Hit 2 2 2
Every Six Hit 3 3 3
Half Century 10 5 5
Century 20 10 10
3 Wickets 5 2 2
4 Wickets 10 10 5
5 Wickets 20 10 10
Maximum Six** 15 10 NA
Highest Wickets*** 15 10 10
Maiden Over Bowled 10 5 NA
No Ball Bowled -5 -5 NA

* The cricketer you choose to be your Team's Wonder player will receive 2 times the points he get in the match

* The cricketer you choose to be your Team's Power player will receive 1.5 times the points he get in the match

*** If Maximum Sixes hit by the player in a match will same as your selection.

**** If Highest wicket taken by the player in a match will same as your selection.
How to win prize?

Create your team for a LIVE match available on MyWonderTeam.
Join pool available on MyWonderTeam for that particular match.
Prizes will be based on point you earn from the match. (Higher the point you get have chance to get higher the rank in respective pool. Each pool will display Rank/Prize win breakup).